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Preparing for a Spring Clean? Want to Find Out How to Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards?

Sometimes, when a good sort out is long overdue, cupboards start to become a little overcrowded, and new purchases require a place to live.

Kitchen cupboards can perhaps be the trickiest to keep on top of, especially if you perhaps live in London and have a smaller living space, so it’s even more important to come up with a fool-proof organisation system that you can easily keep on top of. Keep on reading to find the best storage ideas for small kitchens.

Don’t Buy More than You Need!

Rule number one when it comes to organising, is go through your kitchen cabinets and throw away anything you don’t need. Anything that is out of date or has been opened and is no longer fresh, throw it out. Chances are, you won’t need it again any time soon. Rule number two when it comes to organising your kitchen storage – don’t overpack your cupboards and don’t buy more than you need. Create a list of the food items you have in your cupboard, and make a note when you run low, this will not only help keep your cupboards clutter-free but is also a fool-proof way of creating a shopping list – and if you stick to it, you are no longer buying items that you don’t need.

Invest in Some Food Storage Containers

The key to organisation for your kitchen cupboards is being able to see everything you have, right in front of you. A great way to do this, and another handy trick to help you with your shopping list, is to invest in some good quality food storage containers. These are a crucial stage in getting your cupboards organised. You can store everything from coffee beans and lentils, to sweets and cookies.

These particular food storage containers are spill-proof and airtight, so you won’t need to worry about opening a fresh pack of biscuits that won’t get eaten. What’s more, is that these food storage containers contain helpful labels, so you can personalise each container, so you know exactly what is in them. Put your favourite cereals in one container, and spaghetti in the other! This goes hand in hand with simplifying your shopping list, all you need to do is look at the jars that are running low on stock and pop them on your list!

Create a Space Saving Feature with Shelving

When most people think of decluttering a kitchen, they think of minimalistic white surfaces with nothing on the sides, but we all know that this is usually quite tricky to achieve and is not always the most practical way to go, so, make use of that beautiful sugar jar you bought years ago, and place your more attractive kitchen items like jars, bowls and chopping boards on a shelf to create a lovely decorative feature, which is both stylish and a great storage solution. Cereal containers also work well on shelves as they create a sense of uniformity and are also easy and practical to grab if you are in a rush in the morning.

More storage ideas for smaller kitchens? You could invest in a drinks trolley to pop in your living or dining room to free up some cupboard space, or you could even make use of the space on the back of your kitchen cupboard doors, simply pop a peg on the back and hang your pots and pans! Genius! The new season is great time to start reorganising your home and your storage space for a spring refresh, and there is no better place to start than your kitchen cupboards.

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